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Vibrating separator
The new separator Sep. 1 is used in many different ways in the pre-cleaning field, milling plants, feed mills, seed processing plants and other machines. 
Separatore a vibrazione
The cereal enters the machine from the vibrating top sieve secion which vibrates to a very high frequency in the work direction. Then it is immediately conveyed on the first frame which eliminates big bodies such as twins, stones, earth clots, broad beans, pieces of papers, wood and so on.
Separatore a vibrazione 
Then it falls in the second frame which eliminate loam, sand and little seeds. 
Separatore a vibrazione
Exausting is carried out by means of an inner channel, connected to the inlet spout placed on the vibrating sieve top section, the inlet is connected to a low pressure aspiration plant.For a more efficacious aspiration, an air recycling aspiration is connected to the cereal outlet. Its energetic current of ascensional air inhales light grains and residual dusts. Velocity is easy to adjust by means of appropriate valves. 
  Separatore a vibrazione
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