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Vibrating purifier
This machine is used for the cleanng and the graded selection of durum semolina.
Semolatrice a vibrazione
The machine is made up of two suspended sifters, driven by two motorized vibrators, each of them containing three overlapping rows of alluminium sieves. At the inlet a feeding device spreads the semolina which, due to the vibrations produced by the motorized vibrators, slowly crosses the surface of the sifters. 
Semolatrice a vibrazione
Here the product is exposed to an ascending current of air, which lifts and eliminates the lighter cortical parts.The division of the product is carried out, according to its granulation, by the various gradings of the sifters; the larger parts are eliminated, while the semolina, free of impurities, is carried to pre-set outlets according to the desired specific qualitative characteristics. 
Semolatrice a vibrazione
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