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Vibrating feeder mod L.A.V.
Uniform and costant dosing of granular products of difficult sliding. It serves a deposit bin and it is useful for the dusty products which have a difficult sliding for example flours recuperated from bran finishing machines, flours recuperated from filters, screenings and animal feeder.
Alimentatore a vibrazione mod L.A.V.
The product extraction from the hopper of the deposit bin is assured by spherical tile and rod-breaker, placed in vibration by means of a vibrating motor and eccentric lumps. 
Alimentatore a vibrazione mod L.A.V.
The dosing vibrating tube is equipped with a sluice-gate with adjusting inclination and transparent door to control functionning. The machine works with an high frequency and limited width vibration. The width oscillation is adjusting by acting on the eccentric lumps of the vibrating motor. The maximum capacity per hour with difficult sliding products is approx. 1T as for granular products the maximum capacity is 3T/h.
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