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Vertical vibrating Grader mod L.V.C.
It is a new machine with vertical structure conceived to obtain the utmost efficiency in sifting difficult products such as milling products coming from filters and bran brushes. Thanks to its characteristics it can be used to replace or to help some plansifter passages.
Vibroclassificatore verticale mod L.V.C.Vibroclassificatore verticale mod L.V.C.
The product to be sifted enters in the machine lower section through a vibrating spout. The rotor gathers the product at the entry raising it very quickly and letting it enter in the cover and the beaters; subsequently the raising velocity reduces itself and the particular beaters outline determines a selection among the products with different specific weight: the heavy products are projected towards the cover by centrifugal force, the lightest (milling products) tends to rise without adhering to the cover. 
Vibroclassificatore verticale mod L.V.C.
As a consequence, the sifting cover is almost completely at disposal of the flours which must cross it. The flours fall down again in a vibrating hopper and then it goes out to be conveyed directly in the flours worm. The milling products do not cross the cover and they are expelled from vibrating top section. 
Vibroclassificatore verticale mod L.V.C. Vibroclassificatore verticale mod L.V.C.
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