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Loporcaro sas was founded by a group of techniciens of confirmed experience.

They guarantee to their customers projects made to measure and offer to them their availability both in the realisation phase and in ordinary and extraordinary upkeep. 

The company offers a continuous and sure technical assistance, realised thanks to highly skilled techniciens, ready to rush to help and able to solve whichever problems as well as supply the customers with useful advices about management of milling plants.
Processing of planned upkeep and revision complete the parcel of services which our company is today able to offer to his customers .

A team of skilled techniciens is always ready 24H/24h for possible emergency call for assistance on site.

Furthermore, the company guarantees a complete variety of spare parts ready to be delivery.At last, thanks to four operative stations, we execute rapid rectification and rule of rollers mill. 
Officine Loporcaro Sas -  Sede Operativa 
Via del Grano 1 z.i. - 70022 Altamura (Ba)
Tel. +39 080.3101167 - Fax +39 080.3101307
Attivo tutti i giorni dalle 9.00 alle 19.00


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