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Pockets measurer mod L.D.T.
It is used to discharge the granulous products in the desired quantity in particular in the silos and in the resting bins after pre-cleaning. If you use it to discharge each kind of stored wheat, youcan obtain whatever blender in controlled and steady percentage.
Dosatore a tasche mod L.D.T.
At the inside of the machine a compartments rotor tours. Each compartment (in the rotor) has its own number and dimensions. On each of them there is an inlet for wheat. N this way at each inlet corresponds a given discharging capacity. 
The quantities of wheat corresponding to the single inlet are indicated in percentage on a plaque. 

This number is referred to the wheat total quantity that can be discharged by all the outlets togetherBy combining the opening of inlets by means of shutter, it is possible to obtain all percentage between 5% and 100% (5 by 5). 

The machine can be supplied with a separate disharging tube which allows to produce quickly the mass dischargement.

Electronic feeder mod L.D.E.
The elctronic feeder mod. Ide 25T has been conceived for the automatic extraction of granulous products from silos. The feeder Ide 25 T is employed for the extraction of different products both in Kg and percentage. It is composed by a gravity feeder with specialelectromechanical shutter which adjust the product flux.Under the feeder there is an inclined weigher pan supported by a loading cellule off center class C3. After having reached the designed weight, the shutter opens according to the variation of specific weight of the product. The shutter shuts automatically for lack of product. The electronic feeder Ide 25 T is predisposed to connection to net and program of supervision and print. 
Variable compartment feeder mod. L.DSV.
It is used to feed with the greatest precision the wheat so it can work both, as wheat feeder in pneumatic transport cleaning and in the first breaks, both as blender since it allows to associate different kind of wheat in perfectly controlled quantities. 
A cup rotor turns at the inside of the machine which is equipped with a superior inlet and a lower outlet. The falling wheat fills the moving cups which then discharges it from the lower outlet. The bolt in the cups can run partially at their inside. By filling more or less the space you can reduce or rise the capacity and so the flow of wheat.The movement of the bolts is produced by means of a little steering-wheel. By tourning it the axial movement of the driving screw is produced. On this screw a graded scale is cut into in order to indicate the position of the bolts and so the degree of filling of the cups and the corresponding production per hour.
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