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Intensive damping group
This system allows to distribute even the 6% of water uniformly on the whole surface of the wheat grain. In this way the homogeneous absorption at the inside of the caryopse is made easy and rapid.
Gruppo bagnatura intensiva
It guarantees an intensive conditioning thanks to the shape of the stator, it avoids whichever wheat breaking and it minimises the rotor wear and tear and it eliminates its unbalance due to the limited operative velocity.
 Gruppo bagnatura intensiva
1. Inlet product 
2. Flow measurer
3. Water capacity measurer
4. Body
5. Rotor with agitator blade
6. Gear motor
7. Outlet for product 
Gruppo bagnatura intensiva Gruppo bagnatura intensiva
The water distribution in each grain is rapid and uniform. It is good even if water has an high content of clorine. 
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