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Blade Crushing mod. L.F.L.
It is a strong machine with easy upkeep. It is studied to break granulate products. In milling plant it is used to break to pieces and to dust the cereal by-products and the cleaning tailings to mix together with animal breeder flours. 
Molino a martelli mod L.F.L.
The product enters through the feeder drawer placed on the machine and conveyed to the blades where it is broken to pieces.As regards the choice of perforated grills, the milling potentiality grows proportionally to holes diameter. That is to say the thiner the grill is the more efficient efficient becomes the milling plant.
The use of thick perforated sheet improves productivity. When the cereal gets to the same thinness degree of perforation grill, it crosses and goes out from milling housing pneumatically pushed by a fan which turns on the same rotor axe.
Molino a martelli mod L.F.L.
Molino a martelli mod L.F.L. Molino a martelli mod L.F.L.
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