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The company outline
High technology, minimum encumbrance, rapid mounting, immediate operativity: these are the winning characteristics of our plants and milling machinery.

The company “Officine Loporcaro s.a.s.” was born in 1968 and it is one of the most known company in the milling sector.

The management, constantly orientated to the high quality product, has been driving the company to prestigious commercial results, and has been allowing it to make a name for itself both in the national and international market.

After over 40 years of endless work and the getting of real remarkable results, today the company has 25 employees and a sale force which is present all around the world.
The company “Officine Loporcaro s.a.s.”, it boasts some important patents in the milling industry, among the other, the new grinding system so called “MDTL milling plant”. 

This system is installing a milling plant in one single surface by reducing the encumbrance.Its particular design, easy to modify, allows to realise whatever kind of diagram according to the particular needing of its esteemed customer and to the products to grind.

In this way the company is able to manufacture plants for little and big production of different type of flours and/or semolina from the wheat (soft and durum), maize, barley and so on.The plants are realised in conformity with the most severe international hygienic and security lows.
Officine Loporcaro Sas -  Sede Operativa 
Via del Grano 1 z.i. - 70022 Altamura (Ba)
Tel. +39 080.3101167 - Fax +39 080.3101307
Attivo tutti i giorni dalle 9.00 alle 19.00


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