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Brushes for flours mod LO.S.
It is a simple but strong sifting machine fit to check the flours before sacking station.
 Spazzole di sicurezza farine mod LO.S.Spazzole di sicurezza farine mod LO.S.
At the entry the product is conveyed in a large hopper and from this point directly in a rotor by means of a worm conveyor, then it arrives to the beaters.The beaters, suitably shaped, they impress to the product a centrifugal strong action during which it passes through the screen craks and then it is descharged in the hopper lying below. tHe remaining impurities in the screen are descharged in the final part in the hopper lying below. The remaining impurities in the screen are descharged in the final part of the machine and are moved towards the outlet. On the screen it is possible to place a thick holes wire for the most granulous products, or a nylon screen in order to increase the sifting surface. The rotor movement is transmitted by a 4 poles motor which is mounted directly on the machine by varying the revolutions number with the help of a trapezoidal belt transmission. 
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