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Balances for milling plant: electronic net weigher mod LPN-WS
These balances are used for the coupling of packing machines with open sack filling sleeves with packing machines with valve and for production control.

The weigher LPN-WS realise “net” weights since the product is weighted in the loading container.The weight is produced in two distinc times: rough-hewing and finishing. 
Bilance per molini: pesatrice elettronica a peso netto mod LPN-WSBilance per molini: pesatrice elettronica a peso netto mod LPN-WS
The electronic Ipn has a strong frame made of steel with integrated rooms for the electropneumatic side and for the various electric connections. On the contrary, the weigher system is placed in a switchboard on the machine with the various electric circuits of the system.
An intake for removing dusts for the possible connection with the aspirating circuit. 
According to capacity some containers with different dimensions are used on these weighers, and bottom doors with electropneumatic opening to discharge weighing. The weighing container is keeped suspended by two loading cellules (flexible type). 
Automatic gross weight filling machine mod LPL-WS
These machines are used for sacking of granular products in sacs with open sack filling sleeves. Different kind of filling are used according to the producrt: with ribbon, gravity Ig, screw Ic and so on. the weighers LPC makes gros weighings since the product is weighed in the sack.
Riempitrice automatica a peso lordo mod LPL-WS
The weighing is done in two distinct times with possibility to memorise more formulas with different entity. The electropneumatic jaws block the sack in the weighing phase, guaranting the elimination of leak of dust.
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